The Lacom RobotCell offers a flexible possibillity to automate your production. It can be placed spacesaving and you can extend your grade of automation by adding more cells. The Robot Cell is used for, ultrasonic welding, application of pastes and liquids as well as pick and place applications. It can also be used as a mobile unit to adapt to new production parameters.

RobotCell – Offline

The LACOM Offline RobotCell is characterised by its ergonomic design. It can be used to save space and provides a high degree of standardisation and flexibility, particularly in the processing of non-rigid components. Through the fast and easy exchange of the workpiece carriers, linear transformation and individual on and offloading concepts they can be modulated perfect for the ever-changing needs of a production.


RobotCell – Inline

The LACOM Inline RobotCell features a modular and space-optimised design for high flexibility. It is available and combinable with all common transfer systems and includes our own conveyor system KTS “Kiener transport system”. A continuous flow of material and versatile chaining and linking enable beside highest repeat accuracy an increase in process capability at minimum energy demand.


RobotCell – Rotary

The LACOM Rotary RobotCell offers a high selection of rotary table variants for even more flexibility and profitability of production processes. It combines high positioning accuracy with short response times for best results. The space-optimised and variable arrangement enables individual customisation and the auxiliary equipment allows a quick and easy installation and removal. In addition, they provide, similar to all LACOM robotic cells, an ideal power fail and emergency stop characteristic.

Applications of the Lacom RobotCell:

  • Coating, aqueous, solvent 1c and 2c, hotmelt, corona
  • Sealing
  • Joining – Adhesive bonding, Ultrasonic and laser welding
  • Laminating
  • Complex handling and sort-tasks
  • Measuring
  • Assembling, Disassembling
  • Testing
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