The Lacom Pilot Version is the perfect solution for a production-related testing of new laminating and coating processes. It offers all advantages of the Lacom technology in a very compact design. The machine is mechanically resembling to all other machines in the Lacom portfolio which makes it perfect to test and validate new developments on a production scale. Working widths of up to 500 mm guarantee convincing results combined with easy control and material handling for an economical validation phase.

Working width

  • up to 500 mm

Machine speed

  • 3 – 20 m/min


  • thermoplastic and reactive hotmelt

Application weights

  • 5 – 500 g/m2

Production temperature

  • 50°C – 210°C

Application systems

  • MPBL: Multi Purpose


  • 5.000 – 60.000 mPa


  • by thermal oil


Field of application:

lac-14011_pikto_activewaer lac-14011_pikto_agrogeo lac-14011_pikto_automotive lac-14011_pikto_buildingconstruction lac-14011_pikto_clothing lac-14011_pikto_contractworkwear lac-14011_pikto_heatprotection lac-14011_pikto_homeliving lac-14011_pikto_industry lac-14011_pikto_medical lac-14011_pikto_shoes lac-14011_pikto_transportation