The COMBI is the ideal solution for the coating of prefabricated blanks and it stands out for a space-saving and ergonomic design. The coating system is able to apply the adhesive either as a full layer or as dots on the substrate surface by means of the proven roller ap-plication technology. The COMBI from LACOM stands for high process and product safety with maximum efficiency.Fields of applications: Textiles, automotive, composite and flooring.


Machine type: Combi
Working width: 650 mm – 1.800 mm
Machine speed: 3 – 20 m/min
Adhesive type: Thermoplastic and reactive hotmelts
Application type: Dot / full surface / O.C.S.
Application weight: 5 – 40 g/m2 with engraved roller or 5 – 250 g/m2 full surface, infinitely adjustable
Application temperature: 50 – 210 °C
Application technology: MPB: Multi Purpose
Viscosities: 5.000 – 60.000 mPas
Heating medium: Thermal oil