For application of thermoplastic and reactive hotmelts for high breathable laminates and full-surface coating.

Wide application range for flexible laminates like: technical textiles, automotive, transportation, multifunctional apparel, home textiles, industrial, building and construction (e.g. roofing underlay, tapes) paper.

The hot melt technology offers a great improvement in terms of environmental friendliness and compatibility compared to conventional applications such as solvent or water based systems. It does not involve exhaust or brisk after treatment which is used in the elaborate and costly thermal post combustion of emissions from organic solvents. Furthermore this technology is used to provide a great benefit to the human ecology of the process. By eliminating drying and condensation chambers it is possible to reduce the consumption of energy by 30% as well as the space requirements by 60%. Compared to traditional coating machines the maintenance and setting-up efforts are reduced drastically.

The compact machine design minimizes not only the employee expenses but also allows the production of small batches for highest flexibility.

Working width

  • 1.800 – 3.500 mm

Machine speed

  • 5 to 150m/min


  • Thermoplastic and reactive hotmelt

Application weights

  • 5 – 3.000 g/m²

Production temperature

  • 50 – 300 °C

Possible application techniques


  • 5.000 – 100.000 mPas

Heating system

  • Thermal oil

Field of application:

lac-14011_pikto_agrogeo lac-14011_pikto_automotive lac-14011_pikto_buildingconstruction lac-14011_pikto_contractworkwear lac-14011_pikto_heatprotection lac-14011_pikto_homeliving lac-14011_pikto_industry lac-14011_pikto_medical lac-14011_pikto_transportation