Quality Management


Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

With a good 3,300 members, the VDMA is the largest network organisation and important mouthpiece for mechanical engineering in Germany and Europe. The association represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of this unique and diverse industry.




Allianz Fiber-Based Materials

The future belongs to fiber-based materials. Founded in 2010, AFBW is already one of the most powerful networks in Europe and is an important driving force in the fiber-based materials market. Better. Excellent.AFBW is the first nationwide network in the southwest to be awarded the Baden-Württemberg and European cluster labels. AFBW is one of the 30 most powerful networks in Europe with its professional management.





ISO 9001:2015

Our quality policy is an essential part of the business policy of our company and is established and supported by the owners and the management of our company. We are committed to be a lasting player in the market segment we have chosen to be part of and we go to all ends to understand, define and realise the wishes and goals of our customers. It is part of our daily efforts to maintain and improve the relationship to our customers and their satisfaction.

Our experience and know-how which we have gained in many years are applied to find, offer and provide the best solutions for the tasks of our customers.

An important tool in realising our intentions is our quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001, which was put into effect by the management and the adherence of which is mandatory for all employees.

The permanent improvement and application of preventive measures to avoid mistakes have top priority with respect to customer satisfaction, processes, product quality and quality management.

Download: ISO 9001 2015 EN