LACOM flooring

In the LACOM flooring segment we combine all manufacturers of carpets, no matter if they produce living room carpets, special variants for airports and public buildings or artificial grass for stadiums. We rely on hotmelt for the back coating of carpets. We not only build machines for full-cover coating of carpet backing but also “multiflex”- application heads. They make the production even more efficient by reducing the amount of adhesive need to the minimum. The only parts coated are the tufting gauges due to the stripe pattern of the “multiflex”-system. This saves a lot of adhesive and also reduces the transfer of heat to the turf, these two aspects make it the most efficient and environmental friendly way of producing high quality carpets. We offer this solution with a working width of up to 5200mm.

LACOM has entered a premium partnership with DSM-Niaga® for the production of fully recyclable carpets. We are very proud to be part of the Niaga® innovation and the opportunity to further strengthen our expertise in fiber binding technologies. Please get in contact with us or visit our partner Niaga® on their website for further information about the cooperation.