Compact Version

Our Compact version offers all the benefits of the proven LACOM technology in the smallest space. The CV is small and can be installed in full halls, it is easy to use and virtually unlimited extensible. By connecting to the existing electrical and air power supply, the CV is quickly installed and ready to use immediately.


  • modular design
  • intergrated unwinder and rewinder
  • intergrated switch cabinets


  • fast and straightforward installation
  • minor on-site costs (the system is simply connected to the electrical main supply)
  • supply lines are coupled to the oilboiler and the adhesive melting system

Working width

  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.800 mm
  • 2.100 mm
  • 2.400 mm

Machine speed

  • 5 – 40 m/min


  • thermoplastic and reactive hotmelt

Application weights

  • 5 – 500 g/m2

Production temperature

  • 50°C – 210°C

Application systems

  • GBL: Gravur Roller
  • MRBL: Multi Roller
  • MPBL: Multi Purpose
  • DBL: Slot Die


  • 5.000 – 60.000 mPa


  • by thermal oil

Field of application:

lac-14011_pikto_activewaer lac-14011_pikto_automotive lac-14011_pikto_clothing lac-14011_pikto_contractworkwear lac-14011_pikto_heatprotection lac-14011_pikto_homeliving lac-14011_pikto_industry lac-14011_pikto_medical lac-14011_pikto_shoes lac-14011_pikto_transportation