MPBL – Laminating and Coating System

  • Combined Gravure- and Multi Roller Machine
  • Easy system exchange without mechanical alterations
  • Application of thermoplats- and reactive hotmelts (PUR)
  • Air permable laminates and full cover coatings
  • Dot coating
  • O.C.S. (Open Coating Structure)
  • Fullcover coating

The Multi Purpose – hotmelt laminating and coating system is very versatile. By combining a gravure roll er and a multi-roller system we create unprecedented flexibility in production, which allows you to quickly switch between a wide variety of materials, without having to take any  losses in your production. This is state of the art technology developed by LACOM.


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lac-14011_pikto_heatprotection lac-14011_pikto_homeliving lac-14011_pikto_industry lac-14011_pikto_medical lac-14011_pikto_shoes lac-14011_pikto_transportation